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Energy poverty doesn’t need to be a problem, we just need to REACH out!

The aim of REACH is to contribute to energy poverty abatement at practical and structural level.
With this project we want to empower fuel poor households to take actions to save energy and change their habits, and to establish energy poverty as an issue that demands structural solutions at local, national and EU level.


We want to establish energy poverty as an issue that demands tailor-made policies and measures at local, national, and EU level.


Training volunteers for visits to energy poor households in Zagreb

On February 15th, DOOR employees trained their new volunteers for visits to energy poor households. After a short introduction concerning the project REACH itself and the issue of energy poverty, volunteers were given a presentation on statistics about energy poverty in Croatia and SEE and they could hear more about the results of previous visits to […]

February 17, 2017

Project REACH’s policy recommendations for fighting energy poverty in SEE

After discussions with decision-makers and other interested stakeholders, project REACH partners have launched their policy recommendations for tackling the problem of energy poverty in South-East Europe. The recommendations first focus on the importance of defining energy poverty as a challenge which needs to be addressed. Next, the document presents the specifics of energy poverty in […]

February 16, 2017

An article about REACH published on European Commission website

An article about REACH project was published today on the European Commission / EASME web pages, titled “Energy-inefficient homes hit household budgets: why tackling energy poverty is important.” The article gives an overview of the project, explains how it has helped to tackle energy poverty in the pilot areas and stresses out some of the […]

September 30, 2016

A research article on REACH published in journal Sociology and Anthropology

The article titled Energy Poverty: Practical and Structural Solutions for South-East Europe and written by Lidija Živčič, Tomislav Tkalec and Slavica Robić was published in an international peer-reviewed journal Sociology and Anthropology. All three authors are part of the REACH project team. Focus of this article is put on the issue of energy poverty in South-East […]

September 6, 2016




Our target groups are energy poor households, local actors that can help address energy poverty and local, national and EU level decision makers in the following four countries:


REACHing out means transforming knowledge and skills from experienced partners to teachers, volunteers and energy advisors, who will perform energy advising in energy poor households.

Partners and Contacts

Focus  – Association for Sustainable Development, Slovenia
Society for Sustainable Development Design, Croatia
Energy agency of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Macedonian Centre for Energy Efficiency, Macedonia

Co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union

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